Welcome to Ratio Club!

Ratio Club was a free ten-week workshop program exploring computation as creative practice. Participants took part in a series of sessions blending practical tutorials with critical discussions.

The workshops were structured to introduce novice coders to basic programming concepts, algorithmic approaches to digital design and modelling, and strategies for employing these in artistic practice.

The sessions were targeted towards creative practitioners who have limited prior coding experience, but who may have a broad array of other technical skills and experience.


Week 0: HTML & JavaScriptNov 1stElements, Tags & Variables
Week 1: [ Shapes, Colours, Properties, Functions ]Nov 8thFunctions, P5.js & Objects
Week 2: Animation & Repetition, Interaction & RepetitionNov 15thBasics of Animation, If Statements & For Loops, Basics of Interaction
Week 3: Hark! Event ListenersNov 22ndEvents, Callback Functions & Event Targets
Week 4: Experiments in StructureNov 29thDOM manipulation, Asynchronicity & Local Servers
Week 5: Small Parts & Modular DesignsDec 6thNode.js, Generative Art & Algorithms
Week 6: 3DDec 13thThree.js & 3D modelling
Week 7: Github & Project IdeasDec 20thDiscussing what we want to make.
Christmas Break
Week 8: Project sharing & troubleshootingJan 10thShowing our work so far.
Week 9: Final ShowcaseJan 19thShowing our creations to the world.